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Why Telling an Authentic Narrative Provides Value to Your Clients

Telling an Authentic Narrative Provides Value to Your Clients I could obscure my past as a white collar criminal who's served time in federal prison and charm my way into relationships and deals, including those with my customers and clients. We live in the age of...

Simple Tips and Tricks to Make Your Personal Brand

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Personal Brand When it comes to providing value in the 21st century digital age, few things provide a greater impact than personal branding. Today, I'd like to talk to you about a few things that make personal branding so valuable. I'll...

Why Authenticity Is The Key To Personal Branding

Key To Personal Branding If you're reading this, I'm sure your desire to build a personal brand is very strong. It's what launches you out of bed in the mornings, and keeps you working late into the night. You dream of how big your audience could be, and what sort of...

When have you regretted choosing honesty, and why?

Regretted choosing honesty, and why? I learned a lot of lessons in federal prison. I share as many of them as I can in my book, Lessons From Prison. Still, the lessons keep coming and to the extent I can I want to share them. To that end, I answered a question on...

Have You Ever Met A Famous Person Who Was Remarkably Humble?

Famous Person Who Was Remarkably Humble I am continuing to build my profile on Quora.com. I enjoy answering questions on a variety of topics. When I think I have something valuable to share, I will post the answer here. To that end, I answered a question, Have you...

Corruption In The Workforce

I answered the following question regarding corruption in the workplace at Quora.com, and I wanted to share here as well. Corruption in the workplace Fifteen years later it is still embarrassing & shameful to discuss. But here it goes. Not only did I witness it, I...

How This White Collar Defendant Learned From Friedrich Nietzsche

Everyone white collar defendant wants a better federal prison sentence and outcome. But when you express to them what's involved in having a successful sentence, or a successful prison term, post-prison life, and so on, the realization kicks in, "Like, wow. That's a...

Thriving Launch: Strength of Mind With Justin Paperny

August 3, 2017 Thriving Launch with Justin Paperny On July 13, I received this email from Luis Congdon, who runs the ThrivingLaunch Podcast. "Hello Justin, I am a writer for MindBody Green, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, and various other major publications. My name...

Coaching Services For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Books & Publications

If you want to build more authority for you business or brand, become an author. In today’s digital economy, it’s important to think about content that tells your story and helps you build trust with your audience.

Business Lecturing

Ethics in Motion

Digital marketing led to a new career for me as a lecturer and seminar leader. If you’re interested in developing new income streams, consider authoring a book. Our team can work with you to outline, script, ghostwrite, or publish.

Consulting Practice

Lessons from Prison

If you’re striving to build authority in your specific domain, consider authoring a book. You may write your book independently or work with one of our ghostwriters to share your story. Help prospective customers know, like, and trust you.

Digital Courses

Sentence Mitigation

If you offer content that helps people get better outcomes, consider writing and producing a digital course. Produce your educatinal content in text, video, and audio format to scale your business. You’ll be able to open new sales channels with digital courses.







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Inside You Will Find 16 Case Studies Explaining How Good People Can Do Bad Things.

Inside You Will Find 16 Case Studies Explaining How Good People Can Do Bad Things.

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