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In Ethics In Motion I describe the government’s efforts to prosecute white-collar crimes. Despite the heavy penalties executives and employers face when the government brings criminal charges, too few understand how their actions can lead to imprisonment or seven-figure costs.

I explain the consequences that follow an inattention to ethics. I also describes how easily an indiscriminate telephone call, text or email can lead to an implosion of career and family life.

Further, in Ethics in Motion, I address:

Code of Ethics
Studies show a code of ethics helps encourage ethical behavior, however, it is often not enough. We have too many examples of our country’s leaders from both the private and public sector who lost sight of ethical importance. When making corporate or personal decisions, asking ourselves whether our decisions comport with the code, can ensure that we avoid ethical gray areas that can harm our reputation. In Ethics in Motion I convey the importance of having a practical code of ethics, and how management can best enforce the code.

Impact of A Role Model
Without a role model to help guide him, I crossed the line from unethical to illegal behavior. As a student athlete, I had the privilege of learning from coaches who also acted as role models. In the brokerage business, however, the pressure to perform, coupled with lax oversight from management washed away the values I learned as an athlete. In Ethics in Motion I address the importance of mentoring young people within an organization. 

Value-Centered Decisions
By establishing a personal ethical code, and ensuring that all personal and business decisions comply with that code, individuals can lead more fulfilling lives. In Ethics in Motion, I describes what I learned by listening to other white-collar offenders, and the ethical code that now guides all of my decisions.

Aggressive Corporate Culture Within Ethical Context
When professionals pursue aggressive tactics to meet short-term targets, they sometimes put themselves and their businesses at risk. Ethics in Motion I contrasts lessons I learned from professionals who built careers honestly and ethically in aggressive corporate cultures.

Pressures of Performance
Too often companies make decisions based on the expectations of Wall Street. These pressures are not only put on the CEO and other high ranking executives, but are passed down to middle management who must perform their assigned tasks to meet those goals. Ethics in Motion emphasizes the importance of management’s role in addressing pressures put on all employees in order to assure ethical business practices.

Exacerbating Troubles Through Denial
Many people remember reading about Martha Stewart’s legal complications. The initial act would not have resulted in imprisonment, but the lies, the cover-up, and the denial did. In Ethics in Motion I interview defendants who complicated their own legal struggles through similar denials. 

Beware of Perils Ahead
I describe how seemingly benign decisions can lead to severe problems later.  When individuals convince themselves they operate from within an ethical gray area, they sometimes expose themselves to problems they cannot foresee.  I offer descriptions of how such ethical gray areas lead to imprisonment for some executives.

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Ethics In Motion – PDF Version

Ethics In Motion – Softcover Book

Inside You Will Find 16 Case Studies Explaining How Good People Can Do Bad Things.

Inside You Will Find 16 Case Studies Explaining How Good People Can Do Bad Things.

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