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Telling an Authentic Narrative Provides Value to Your Clients

I could obscure my past as a white collar criminal who’s served time in federal prison and charm my way into relationships and deals, including those with my customers and clients. We live in the age of Snapchat filters and curated social media where it’s easy to craft a flawless persona. Instead, I lead with this information about my past even choosing the url whitecollaradvice.com and PrisonProfessors.com so this part of my life is pretty clearly woven into my brand. I’ve written about a book about my time in federal prison that I’m proud to share.

Why Telling an Authentic Narrative Provides Value to Your Client

Why Telling an Authentic Narrative Provides Value to Your Client

Rather than hurt my business, this honesty has actually resulted in more conversions and long lasting relationships with repeat customers. That’s because people have grown weary and wary of picture-perfect facades.

I connect with people because I share my authentic narrative…

How we obtain information and entertainment has changed drastically through time, especially now during the dawn of the digital revolution. But compelling stories have always worked to engage people through every era and every medium.

All ancient cultures around the world told stories aloud, many of which have been passed down to us today. Talk about enduring branding! With the invention of the printing press, stories flourished even further finding forms like the novel. Now we continue to see how compelling narratives form loyal audiences through online platforms; the most popular social media features right now on Snapchat and Instagram are called “stories.” There’s more, however, to a truly compelling story like mine than narrative structure, a famous name or even being based on the best data.

When you share your narrative in an authentic way, you build trust in your audience and they won’t just read your story, they’ll emotionally engage with it.

My piece about introspection is a good example of an authentic story. By crafting my brand around my authentic narrative in an honest way, the audience knows I’m sharing my sincere insights and experience rather than merely promoting products or services.

Being authentic reminds you and your audience exactly how and why your brand is distinctive.

By distilling your brand into an authentic narrative, you directly convey to customers/clients what your brand has to offer that others do not. It adds a personal touch that builds trust and connection. Rather than shy away from what makes Justin Paperny different, I use it to my advantage by creating and sharing my authentic narrative which ultimately most benefits my customers and clients.

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Inside You Will Find 16 Case Studies Explaining How Good People Can Do Bad Things.

Inside You Will Find 16 Case Studies Explaining How Good People Can Do Bad Things.

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