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Personal Branding Through Credibility

As a small business owner or solopreneur, you understand the need for marketing to attract new business. And, if you feel like marketers are hitting you over the head with the importance of branding, you’re right. Personal branding is essential. Today’s consumers want more than quality products and a shiny public image. They’re looking for a connection to the companies they do business with. They want to know you and they want assurances that you share their values. More importantly, they want proof. You can’t provide that unless you’re being authentic.

Personal Branding Through Credibility

Personal Branding Through Credibility

Personal Branding Through Credibility: Your Credibility Must Resonate through Everything Your Business Does

Here are some valuable statistics for you:

  • Branded social videos drive 64% of consumers to buy something after watching.
  • Brand consistency on all platforms boosts revenue by up to 23%.
  • Shared values create trust, and 64% of consumers agree this resonates with brands.

These stats tell me a few things. First, I’m not going to be able to sell to everyone.

I need to define my target audience by recognizing the core values they hold that make my products and services valuable to them. My personal brand through JustinPaperny.com, WhiteCollarAdvice.com and PrisonProfessors.com, must reflect these values, consistently, everywhere. My websites, my blogs, my social media activity, my books and my ads should present a consistent, authentic message about my personal brand and the companies I manage. When I do this, my target audience responds with trust and I earn their business. These lessons can help you build your brand and develop an authentic reputation for your business.

Your Reputation Precedes You

When someone is considering making a purchase from you, you’d better believe they’re checking you out online first. What will they find? When you look me up, you learn that I’ve built a prolific online presence with a reputation I’m proud of. Are people trying to hurt me, namely competitors who write negative reports about me: Yes. But through transparency, accountability, and evidence I hold them accountable.

To help, I hired a wonderful lawyer, Kenton Hutcherson. In fact, I am writing a third book and filming a movie about the process of how I identified that my competitors conspired to hurt me: I include court documents with all of the evidence:  IP addresses, court orders, statements from competitors admitting they wrote it, records from Comcast and more, so much more!

Take a few moments to Google “Justin Paperny”. On the first page alone, you learn I wrote a couple books — Lessons From Prison and Ethics in Motion — that I have a prison consulting site at whitecollaradvice.com. You will learn I have established myself and my brand on YouTube and Linked In. That’s the power of valuable content and digital marketing. My brand began by providing value and helping others. And I never run from my past. I own it.

Did you notice I spent nearly 400 days in federal prison?

Rather than detract from my brand, it substantiates my credibility. My story is real, and I come by my knowledge authentically. I own that and ensure that it’s part of my personal branding. People who need my branding and federal prison advice respond to that positively.

Personal Branding Through Credibility

Personal Branding Through Credibility

You can establish your own personal brand online with good, solid ethical work.

Good content helps – not just blogs. Books can distinguish you in your industry and help set you up as an authority. I apply these principals to help people brand themselves and establish an authentic online reputation through organic, quality content and proven digital marketing strategies.

If you’d like some help with your personal branding efforts, call me at 818-424-2220.

Justin Paperny

P.S. If you would like to read my first book, at no cost other than your time, click here. In this book, you will learn how I branded authentically and with total transparency…

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Inside You Will Find 16 Case Studies Explaining How Good People Can Do Bad Things.

Inside You Will Find 16 Case Studies Explaining How Good People Can Do Bad Things.

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