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Praise for Justin Paperny’s Newest book, Ethics in Motion

Justin has written an honest and compelling message that challenges all of us to examine our lives and to recalibrate the moral compass that directs our actions.

Steve Reinemund

Dean of Business, Wake Forest University, Retired Chairman and CEO PepsiCo

Throughout the lively pages of Ethics in Motion, Justin Paperny not only depicts the devastating life-long consequences of wrong choices he made within the pressurized financial world, but also how he regained his moral compass, reaching out to help others acknowledge, reflect, and learn from similar actions. Ethics in Motion is a highly thoughtful, accessible and engaging collection of real situations in which people veer from internal ethical codes, and through humility and perseverance find their way back to their principles.

Nomi Prins

Author of It Takes a Pillage

The value of Justin’s book to my MBA students is that is speaks to them –he doesn’t fit their stereotypical image of a felon–they could be him, clean cut, well educated, and from an upper middle class family with loving parents. He did not start out to break the rules, but as his chapters tell, it was those seemingly innocent little choices he made each day that defined his character and ultimately his fate. These are stories of the intellect, the ego, being seduced by short-term gain and dismissive of long-term wisdom.  For those who think “not me”, read this book before Justin’s experience becomes yours

Professor Dennis Torres

Pepperdine University, Graziadio School of Business and Management

Ethics in Motion is riveting, thought-provoking, and real—Justin’s book has captured the icy cold reality of criminal behavior, and should be required reading for anyone in the corporate world and anyone interested in practical lessons on ethics.

Mark Whitacre

Subject of the film, "The Informant", starring Matt Damon

With revealing and informative openness, Justin Paperny describes mistakes he made which resulted in his rapid transition from successful young professional to serving time in jail.  More than a cautionary tale, his reflections on what he learned, and his actions to get back on track, provide valuable insights for other young, ambitious professionals.  Paperny also gathers a group of other real-world stories that shed light on how even very bright, talented people can lose their way, and work to find their way back.

John Ullmen

Ph.D.Lecturer, UCLA Anderson School of Management and co-author of Who Wins Conflict? The Creative Alternative to Fight or Flight

Few white-collar executives wake up one morning and decide to become criminals. Ethics In Motion illustrates in a way no textbook can how small indiscretions nevertheless lead some to lives of crime–and how the personal consequences are worse than they’d ever imagined.

Neil Weinberg

Executive Editor, Forbes Media LLC

You know right, when you do wrong, but to then pay your debt to society, learn the lessons of a life time and help others live better and more fulfilling lives is special.  That is Justin Paperny’s gift to any and all who read Ethics in Motion.

Mark Goulston

author of the international best seller, "Just Listen" Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone

Forget the shows on television. Take a walk through what really happens when someone is associated with fraud and deception. Then, prepare yourself for what the government will do when it investigates white collar crime.

Don Berecz

(Retired FBI) Director, Fraud and Forensic Accounting Program Georgia Southern University

Through Ethics in Motion I learned a great deal more about criminal mentality and behavior.  As a former FBI agent and a practicing forensic accountant who pursues criminals, I learned how criminals think and how they rationalize their actions.   To catch a crook, you need to think like one!

Ronald Durkin

Ronald Durkin, Durkin Forensic, Former Partner in Charge of Fraud and Misconduct Investigations KPMG

Instead of retelling the stories of Enron, WorldCom or other highly publicized frauds, Justin tells the stories of our neighbors, our friends, our co-workers who took that first step and paid the price.  He tells these stories to warn us that none of us are immune to temptation and that first step can lead to a lifetime of regret.

Tina Quinn

PhD, CPA Professor of Accounting Arkansas State University

Prison Consultant Testimonials

Justin’s mentoring, tutelage and extensive lesson plans prepared me to succeed in prison by meeting the challenge with a positive, humbling perspective and survivor’s drive.

John Sims

United States Air Force officer and former Special Operations Commander (retired)

I’m a criminal defense attorney with more than 30 years’ experience. We were referred to Justin by a client of ours. I’m naturally suspicious of such advisors, given my background and past experience, but we were so impressed with the sage advice and solid institutional contacts that Justin’s team provided that we hired him in another recent white-collar case. Our firm is thrilled to have an ethical prison consultant with boots on the ground in each institution that we envision hiring him as much as possible in the future. We unreservedly endorse Justin and his team.

Nicholas Kaizer, Esq

White Collar Defense Attorney, New York

Retaining Justin has been one of the best decisions I have made. Justin has given me two incredibly important things: peace of mind and a plan. Before I retained Justin, fear and panic were two emotions I felt frequently. After a few sessions with Justin, fear and panic were replaced with knowledge and confidence. Knowing what to expect made all the difference in the world. Most importantly though, Justin helped me put together a plan that will allow me to thrive and grow while I serve my sentence.

David Applegate

Inside You Will Find 16 Case Studies Explaining How Good People Can Do Bad Things.

Inside You Will Find 16 Case Studies Explaining How Good People Can Do Bad Things.

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